How to Fly

after Jessica Jacobs

Forget balance, that undeserving, limitation on our souls.

Our souls are already anchored to our bodies, trapped

and chained to a slow death. No. Freedom is not

bondage and boxed it is the resistance of it. So imagine

in a mind not conformed; a free heart and; Then let your

eyes see higher ground: listen out for the blood pulsating

rhythm like a giant violin; feel it –there’s your blood’s

steady loop-the-loop. Cue senses: feel the breath

Of the air through the breeze. And smell: the fresh
dew of a rain’s birth spread across the earth, giving
life to the things not yet able to leap up off the ground and

find freedom too. Now taste: the cold, dry wind fill
The width of your throat, banishing any inch of life
Source from resting too close. And, finally, be all spirit: like

a dandelion blown from its rooted place,
exist so ferociously between the dirt and the cloud
that you can’t be told apart from the light taking
Up the corners of the days. Only then should you let go, soar

Into the chaotic flow of existence. And that light
above, the one you’re hurtling toward? It’s not a star–
Well, not exactly. It’s you. A world away from a
steady flow, a world made up of wild will.