“You Talk White”

Inspired by Moshin Hamid

“You talk white.”
And my eyebrows furrowed a little. What. What was that supposed to mean?

It’s one thing to be called short, clumsy or mature for your age, but it’s a whole nother thing to be 10 and told you sound different than what your eyes see in the mirror. That was the first time I think I realized that I was black, or atleast, that I wasn’t white.

“You talk all proper. Using grammer or whatever.”

You mean like I’m educated. The way I’m taught to talk in school. I thought I was supposed to get all A’s and practice what I learned.

What does it mean when it comes from your family? Adults? People who know you? People who know better than you? Does that make it true? Am I being black…the wrong way?

What does it mean to be black?
Am I supposed to sound dumb?
Do they think I’m dumb?
Do they think they’re supposed to be dumb? Do I even care?

Do I want to be black?