Light Bug

I think it’s the most beautiful thing I’ve ever seen.

How could I stay and admire from afar; I must get closer. I’ve never dared to get as close to the big, slow things as I am now, but I must speed towards what I’ve been missing out on my whole life! I have always followed the beauty of a thousand stars, but never have I been so drawn to what lay right in front of me. A future of joy and harmony is one we’ll share, and we’ll admire each other’s design for the rest of our lives! The closer I inch the more alive I feel. Will I ever experience anything like this again? The beauty of this magnificent creation only magnifies as I approach closer, and the aura of its warmth emitting from its bright radiance confirms the connection we must have. Oh, how lucky am I to have stumbled upon something so perfect? So perfect…I must touch i—ZZAP.

It’s such a lovely night under the starlit sky with so much incredible beauty twinkling before me. Light! What a glorious thing! I have always prided myself on the one I have attached to me, and my family and I use the ones we have quite often. We’re kind of known for it I guess. It especially attracts the big, slow things living next to our home in the white oak tree. Our lights make us. We use them to talk and dance with each other, fly and guide all at a safe distance from the big, slow things that chase us around of course, trapping us in their invisible boxes. But even we have got nothing on the lights of the night. They outdo anything we could twinkle or shine.

But what’s that over there? Hmm…a star? No, can’t be. Stars don’t hang that low to the ground…And so close to the living box where the big slow things are? But wow, I mean wow. It’s so bright! But it can’t be good, not if it lies there so close to them. Yet, its radiance is so beautiful! I think it’s the most beautiful thing I’ve ever seen.