Why I Decided to Start A Blog

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  1. My baby girl I love you . I knew when you were a baby when you were born you came out not crying and with your legs crossed. My first glimpse and thoughts of you was wow my God has put something special in my first born and it showed your first seconds on this earth . I’m so proud of you so much promise and patience you have in your body. Only God knows your path but I can clearly see you are woke and aware of the devils tricks and you still remain focus on happiness and your goal to be a Better Celeste and more importantly and vessel of the all mighty GOD… I LOVE YOU

  2. Wow just wow! I’m so proud of you Celeste! What a way to tell your story and how you are PROGRESSING in your journey! You are truly an inspiration and I pray that this starts to show others that it’s ok to not be ok. Also, for us to remember God’s path for our lives is not necessarily ours. He’s using you sweetie! Remember his word says you can’t put new wine into old wine skin! You are in the new wine skin and you’re about to POUR OUT! I pray that you are ready for the beauty that is about to transpire in your life. Love you ❤️

  3. Celeste, I can’t begin to express how proud of you I am. This reminds me of my journey to becoming happy, healed, and whole…it was a hard journey, but the end destination is so beautiful! I suffered in silence for years, but I’m so glad you’re speaking out and I’m so grateful you’re allowing us along for the ride! Continue to keep God first and continue to seek your purpose in Him! I’m rooting for you and praying for you! I love you endlessly!

  4. Celeste this is so great! I never knew the reasons for you leaving college were so serious, but I’m glad you did what is best for yourself. It is always going to be hard when you feel like you’re going against what you’re told you should do, so I applaud you for having the maturity and self awareness to not only remove yourself from a negative place but also put efforts into something positive (this blog). Life definitely can be confusing at times as we are unsure if what we are doing is pleasing to God, but know he’s still blessing you and others through your story and talents. As it is with all people, the road to understanding your purpose is very long, but I’m glad to see you’re taking steps in the right direction. I’ll be praying for you!

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